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Month: July 2006

by Maggie Chandler Maggie Chandler No Comments

Positive Densification

So many real estate blogs feature statistics.

Although I like to add these from time to time, your best source for these would be to subscribe to my e-zine, or check my website, which has many pages devoted to this data. In this blog, I want to reveal more about Kitsilano, to celebrate the community, and add my voice to define its character and nature.

While the demographic of Kits has shifted many times over the years, the value of Kitsilano to Vancouver has increased from decade to decade. As Vancouver becomes increasingly densified, the neighbourhood definition and integrated development in Kitsilano will be seen more and more as an example for development elsewhere.

Even with some larger condominium projects, which enable even more people to make this area their home, the neighbourhood impact of this densification is positive.

Attention by developers to the scale and scope of the neighbourhood, and the placement of denser structures (mostly) on the main streets has preserved the feel of this neighbourhood of tree-lined streets, well-tended gardens and heritage homes.

From the Greeks to the hippies to the families, couples and singles who invested in the area from the 80’s on, Kitsilano has provided homes to a wide range of Vancouver’s population.

Sit outside with a coffee or smoothie at Capers’ patio on 4th, between the Capers store and Duthie Books and do some people-watching. This is one version of Kitsilano. Many of the people walking by have come to Kits as a destination, from other parts of the city. Others are running errands – they live here.

In fact, it is so convenient they don’t need to use their cars for so many of these errands. The essentials are all here: groceries, drugstore, bank, even a hardware store, within a short radius. Not to mention all the other retail necessities: books, music, hiking gear, coffee, garden supplies, gifts and, of course, fabulous shoes!


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