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Month: February 2007

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Coal Harbour January Statistics

In my overview of January sales in Coal Harbour, I noticed that these luxury condos are not staying on the market for very long. We saw a range of sales from one in CUBE at $284,900 to Venus at $1,713,888. Also over the $1million mark, was a luxury suite in Callisto, at $1,600,000.

Harbourside Park

Harbourside Park

Coal Harbour suites at The Pointe, Orca Place, and Harbourside Park sold in the $300,000 – $400,000 range.


The range from $400,000 – $600,000 saw sales at Pointe Claire, 1239 W. Georgia, Palais Georgia and Classcio.

(Note: This post orginally appeared in the shared blog, Coal Harbour: Urban

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Gardeners Prepare and Plan in Kitsilano

Gardening is a very popular pastime in the Kitsilano neighbourhood, and as we hit the mid-February mark, you can see bulbs sending up their shoots in most of the mature gardens in the area.

City Farmer webcam

Here’s an image from the City Farmer Compost Demonstration Garden, taken today from their webcam. For an updated image, click here, then scroll down the page to see how the garden is looking today. People come to City Farmer demonstrations and workshops from all over Vancouver, but Kits residents have been participating in this garden for years now, since the early 1980’s. The size of a normal Kitsilano back yard, the demonstration garden shows how sustainability works effectively over time. Their workshops and events will be beginning soon, in preparation for spring.

Only a few blocks south is the David Hunter Garden Center at 2084 West Broadway, just east of Arbutus next to the IGA, where you can park in the IGA lot. They also have seminars and expert advice for the Kitsilano gardener. They recommend that now is the time to start your garden from seed, and they carry a great selection of seeds from numerous suppliers, including organic and heritage seeds.

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Kitsilano Sales Summary for 2006

Houses in Kits sold well last year, with a total of 152 house sales. Eighty of these sold at under $1 million, while 4 were over $2 million. The most expensive of these was on Point Grey Road. It sold in one week, for $6.2 million.

Kits condos are always a big market, and in 2006 there were 530 sales for the year. 120 of the sold condos went for under $300,000, while 230 sales were in the $300-400,000 range. 110 of the condos sold were at $400-500,000, 60 sales were from $500,000 to l million, and one sale hit the $2.3 million mark.

Kits townhomes and half duplex sales for 2006 featured 246 sales. The least expensive townhouse went for $300,000, followed by 62 sales under $500,000. There were 70 sales from $500-700,000, and 94 townhomes sold between $700,000 and $1 million. We saw 20 sales at over $1 million, with the most expensive being $6 million, on Point Grey Road.

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On The Watch for Spring in Kitsilano

Have you seen the signs of Vancouver spring in Kitsilano gardens?

 By the end of March it will be unmistakable. One of the most glorious features of Kitsilano life are the beautiful spring gardens and the scented blossoms on the trees that line the streets of Kits. Certainly a walk through any of the Kitsilano streets can show you why so many people choose this as the best choice of location for living in the city.

My benchmark for spring would be the beautiful trees at Kits beach in pink bloom. Until then, we can appreciate the crocus and other early blooms, along with all the returning perennials’ green shoots.

flower closeup

March is only a day away, and that is always a month of great transformation. If you feel this could be the time for you to enjoy Kitsilano living, please contact me here and I’ll be happy to share with you my love of the history of this area, and to show you any properties that could fit your dream of living here affordably.


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