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Month: March 2007

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Upcoming Condos in Kitsilano

New developments in Kitsilano are quite rare, and I thought I’d go to the sites of three of them just to keep you up to date with what is happening here.

First – and newest – is the First on First development which is right on Burrard, sales begin on March 31st of this month, and after I attended an open house at the presentation centre, I did this short video:

For more info, you can go to the developer’s site and see some great impressions of the Kitsilano lifestyle.

Next we went over to 2386 Cornwall, and the Vue building, a luxury 4-suite building facing the beach.

I wrote a short posting about this building back in August, contrasting its 21st century style with Lilfred Lodge, the heritage building beside it. See it here.

On Collingwood and 4th, the 22 suite Viridian Green is now under construction.

Check out the developer’s site for more info.

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My Business Network

I rely on my business network of trusted colleagues in my real estate transactions, in Kitsilano and throughout the lower mainland.

James Dobney and Associates, are my recommended home inspectors, and they are one of the largest and most respected home inspection firms in BC. A pre-purchase inspection will help you make an informed decision.

Alma Pasic Alma Pasic, of AP Preferred Mortgage Services, is the Mortgage Broker I recommend. She works under the United Mortgage umbrella.

I rely on Kaplan & Waddell, Barristers and Solicitors, for all my legal requirements. Frank Kaplan and Duff Waddell have been practicing in Vancouver since 1970, with a specialization in real estate law emphasizing residential conveyancing.

That’s the team that helps make it happen!

Nicholas Meyer, Downtown Suites I should also mention that I work closely with Nicholas Meyer of Downtown Suites, for my clients who are looking for property management for their investment properties.

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Kitsilano Statistics for February 2007

balsam rainbow

Rainbow over Balsam Street

Kitsilano Condo Sales Stats

Condos went well in February, with 34 total sales ranging from $230-$689,000, or $486-618 per square foot. Of these, 5 sold for under $300,000, 25 for under $500,000 and 3 at over $600,000 with 8 being sold over the list price. The average days on market were 25.

Let’s compare with last year’s February sales: with 54 total condos sold, between $208-$735,000, or $425-686 per square foot. Of those, 17 were under $300,000, 51 under $500,000, 1 under $700,000 and 2 under $800,000.
Last year, 9 were sold at list price, while 18 sold at over list price. Then the average days on market were 19.

Kitsilano Townhomes Sales Stats

This February, 2007, saw 14 townhome sales ranging from $368,000 -$1,350,000 or $388-602 per square foot. Of those, 3 were under $400,000, 11 were under $1,000,000 and 3 sold for over $1,000,000. 1 sold at list price, 2 sold at over list, and the average days on market were 35.

Compare with 22 townhome sales last February, ranging from $360-1435,000, or $511-733 per square foot. Of those, 5 were under $500,000 and 20 were under $1,000,000. 3 sold at list, 3 over list, with average days on market at 45.

Kitsilano House Sales Stats

February 2007 saw 10 house sales in Kitsilano, from $900,000 to $1,925,000. Only 1 sale was under $1,000,000, and 3 sold over list price, with an overall average days on market of 16.

In February 2006 we saw 14 house sales, from $690,000 to $1,380,000.
There were 12 sales under $1,ooo,ooo, and 6 sold over list, with an average days on market of 21.

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Coal Harbour February 2007 Statistics

In February, we saw 19 condo sales in Coal Harbour with a great range of pricing, from $285,000 all the way to $1,495,000. Of those 19 sales, 10 went for under $500,000, and 14 were under $1,000,000. There were 2 sales over list price, and 2 sales at list price.

Least expensive was at $578 per square foot, while the most expensive was a high $1230 per square foot for a luxury waterfront suite. The average days on market was 56.

Compare with last February, 2006, which featured 21 sales from $249,000 up to $2,080,000. Again a wide range, with $516 per square foot to $1171 per square foot (waterfront). Of those sold, 9 were under $500,000 and 16 were under $1,000,000. 4 sold over list and 2 at full list, with average days on market of 36.

view 07

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Willows in Kitsilano

Kits Willows in spring

Even in the rain, walks along Kits Beach in spring show the beauty of this natural amenity. Popular year-round, the beach walk is one of the reasons why people value living in the Kitsilano area.


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