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Month: July 2010

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Lux graph june 10

June saw listings flat and sales of luxury Vancouver condos over $2M, double from 6 in June, with the highest sale price being $7M (townhome). Average days on market up to 69 and list price to sales price ratio at 88%. 2009 was the best year so far for Vancouver luxury condo sales but we shall see how 2010 shapes up Read more

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Vancouver Real Estate Analysis for Downtown

Vancouver’s Downtown real estate analysis in June saw listings drop  but still nearly double what they were a year ago.  Sales were down to 121, the second worse month for the year after Feb.   Average days on the market jumped to 40 and the listings that didnt sell and came off the market were the highest for the year.   Average sale price $463,000 and average $psf $629 . Sale price to list price ratio down to 97%. Supply down to 6.2 months and equal to Feb’09.  $400000 to $500,000 selling the best. Downtown remains a good buyer’s market. Read more

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Vancouver Real Estate Analysis for Olympic Village

The Olympic Village is Vancouver’s last waterfront community.  Vancouver real estate statistics for False Creek South (Olympic Village) saw June listings up, as resales came on the market – and sales down.  Average days on market dropped to 22 and  average sold price $447,000 as 5 of the 6 sales were under $500,000. Average $psf  $578.. Sale price to list price ratio 98%. Read more

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Vancouver Real Estate Analysis for West End

West End real estate analysis saw June listings down and sales flatfrom the previous month.  The days on the market for condos that sold increased only 36. The average selling price is $673,965 , leaving March the highest for the year.   73% sold under $500,000, resulting in a challenging market for sellers in higher price range.  A 5.5 month supply equal to May’09. but over $1M the supply is 11 months. 65% of sales were under $500,000. The list price to sale price ratio steady at  96% .  A strong month for West End condos and market better balanced but still favouring buyers.

Listings – 268.  141 listed under $500,000, 78 listed between $500,000 and $1M , 35 listed between $1M & $2M. 16 listed over $2M . Priced from $189,000 to $5.7M Read more

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Vancouver Real Estate Analysis for False Creek North

False Creek North real estate analysis for June saw listings drop, having been on the rise for the prior 6 months,  from 255 to 228.  equal to Oct’08 and Jan ‘09.   Sales jumped from  22  to 35 which was lower than Jun’09 but higher than Jun’08.and lower than Jun’08.  70%of solds were under $1M.  The listings that didn’t sell and came off the market is the highest for the year at 32, up from 21 in May.  A drop in inventory to 6 months but 7.8 months of inventory for condos over $1M.  Days on the market fell to 47.  Average $psf 834 and sale price to list price ratio down to 95%.

Listings –  225 . 25 listed under $500,000 . 119l istings between $500,000 & $1M.  60 listed between $1 and $2M and 26 listed over $2M including 3 over $5M.

Expireds (didn’t sell) March 13, Feb 5, Mar 17, May 21, Jun 32 Read more

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Vancouver Real Estate Graphs

Above are the June Vancouver (west side) real estate graphs  for houses, townhouses and condos. Listings up in all categories and sales were lower, compared to May

Condo listings levelling at  2,500 vs 1500 a year ago. New Listings –  Jun 866,May 1,025, Apr 1163 , Mar 1168 ,Feb 601, Jan 850,  Dec 349, Nov 621, Oct 833 , Sept 798. 

Sales – Jun 419, May 495, Apr 539, Mar 387 ,Feb 342, Jan 298, Dec 397, Nov 483, Oct 529, Sept 477.  Jun’09 sales were 627. Busiest price range is $350,000 to $400,000 (up from $300-350k in Jan). Year to Date sales over $1 Million – 222 sales. Total of 2,480 sales for the year vs 2,270  in 2009.

Townhouse listings –  385 vs 340 a year ago.  New listings – Jun  165, Apr 194 ,Mar 175 ,Feb 86. Jan 30,  Dec 34 , 77 in Nov, 94 in Oct and 136 in Sept.  New listings for Jun’09 – 151

Sales – Jun 81, May 67, Apr 88, Mar 64, Feb 54, Jan 30, Dec 62,  Nov 64, Oct 78 and 81 in Sept. Busiest price range is $750,000 to $800,000. 110 sales over $1M.  384 sales for the year vs 434  last year. June’09 sales were 122.

House listings – 800 vs 600  a year ago.  New listings –  Jun 276,May 385, Apr 424 , Mar 370 ,Feb 220,  Jan 244, Dec 86, Nov 136,  Oct 238, Sept 310. 

Sales – Jun 147, May 150,Apr 193, Mar 208  ,Feb 130, Jan 102, Dec 133 , Nov 141, Oct 200. Jun’09 sales were 200.  Only 54 solds under $1M for the year.  Year to date sales 930 vs 915 in 2009.

Vancouver reflections – The number of new listings were down in all categories and total listings now levelling

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 from rebgv, though deemed to be correct, the above should be verified

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Buyers Now in the Driving Seat for BC Real Estate

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports that Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) residential sales in the province declined 23 per cent to 7,722 units in June compared to the same month last year. On a seasonally adjusted basis, MLS® residential unit sales in the province declined 5 per cent in June from May 2010. The average MLS® residential price climbed 8 per cent to $499,908 in June compared to the same month last year.  

“Market conditions have shifted from balanced conditions at the start of the year to a buyers’ market this summer,” said Cameron Muir, BCREA Chief Economist. In June, there was 9.3 months of supply on the market given current sales activity, up from 5.6 months in January 2010. “Tighter credit conditions for homes with secondary suites and low equity home buyers have moderated consumer demand,” added Muir.

Year-to-date, BC residential sales dollar volume increased 31 per cent to $21.4 billion, compared to the same period last year. Residential unit sales rose 17 per cent to 42,343 year-to-date, while the average MLS® residential price climbed 13 per cent to $504,281 over the same period.

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Canada’s Population Hits 34 Million

Canada’s population is above 34 million for the first time ever with some two thirds of the growth down to new arrivals…

The latest figures from Statistics Canada show that the country’s population was 34,019,000 on April 1, an increase of 88,000 people since it last counted on January 1. But the growth rate of expats has slowed compared to previous years.

All provinces saw an increase in their population in the first three months of this year, except Nova Scotia. British Columbia saw the highest growth in population and there were large increases in the western provinces with Saskatchewan reporting its biggest quarterly population increase since 1972.

At the same time it has been revealed that Canada’s 2010 immigration plan will put even greater emphasis on economic recovery and reducing the federal skilled worker backlog but limits are being put on applications. Read more

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Vancouver Real Estate Graphs

The  graph for Greater Vancouver real estate shows the average price of Greater Vancouver homes, townhomes and condos topping.  The graph shows the houses on the top, townhomes (middle) and condos (bottom) average price from 1977 to present.  The Vancouver market peaked in 1981, 1989,1993 and 2008. Vancouver real estate didn’t appreciate much between 1994 and 2002 but it did between 2002 and 2008. Then it dropped about 20-25% and surpassed the highs of 2008 but is down about 5% so far in 2010. Read more

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Vancouver Real Estate Analysis for Coal Harbour

Coal Harbour real estate analysis for June saw listings flat but solds drop by half again for the second consecutive month, to only 9. 5 sold under $1M and 4 over $1M.  The number of sales haven’t been this low since Nov’08-Jan’09. Listings at the highest since I started tracking Coal Harbour stats in Jan’08 and sales equal to May’08.  55% of sales were under $1M, vs 66% in May , 70% in April, 60% in Mar & 80% in January.  Days on market trippled to 101.  Sale price to list price ratio dropped to 95%.  Currently 32 listings at  Fairmont Estates and 5 sales this year, with  prices from $788,000 for 730sf to $8M for a sub-penthouse.  Clearly a good buyers’ market.

Listings -263  – 45% listed under $1M, 26% listed between $1 and $2M and 29% listed over $2M.

46% are listed over $1M,vs 52% in Apr, vs. 55% in Mar, 50% in Feb,40% in Jan and 33% in Dec. Read more

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Vancouver Real Estate Analysis for Kitsilano

Kits condos in June saw listings down, sales down, average $psf, average sold price, sale price to list price ratio all down. Days on market increased from 19 to 27 which is still good. One bedrooms selling the best and 65% of sales under $500,000.  68% of sales under $500k, up from 60% in April and 50% in March.  Supply up to 4.4 months from 1.6 months in dec’09. Average sold price now equal to July’09. Sept’09 was the record highest average sold price. Only 3 months in 2009 had fewer sales than June’10. 12% of the listings expired.

Vancouver reflections – there is too high an inventory and insufficient buyers, even if your property is priced sharply it may not sell. Sellers are now having to make the tough decisions – what to do? Reduce the price, delist the property and if so, is it rentable. The inventory will eventually decrease but its going to take awhile. The market is still quite healthy but squishy.

Listings- 160 – 12 listed under $300,000, 42 listed between $300,000 and $400,000.  44 listings between $400,000 and $500,000 (down from 66 last month) 29 listings between $500,000 and $600,000 and 17 listed between  $600,000 & $700,000, 17 between $700,000 and $1M and 3 listed over $1M.   Read more

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Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market Steady in June

The Greater Vancouver housing market experienced steady activity to begin the summer season. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential property sales in Greater Vancouver totalled 2,972 in June 2010, a decline of 30.2 per cent compared to the 4,259 sales in June 2009, which was the second highest selling June on record. “Activity in June marked a healthy balance between the near record setting pace of June 2009 and the considerably slower activity witnessed in June 2008, a period of recession as we all know,” Jake Moldowan, REBGV president said.Compared to June 2008, last month’s sales represent a 22.6 per cent increase over the 2,425 sales recorded that month, but are 30 per cent less than the 4,244 sales in June 2007. June 2010 sales also represent a 5.8 per cent decline compared to the previous month’s sales totals. Read more

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Vancouver Public Transportation Info

There are many ways to travel around Vancouver.

Get the Skytrain schedule,  bus schedule, seabus from north vancouver to Downtown Vancouver, cycle routes , highways for drivers and US border crossings.

Travelling to the beautiful sunshine coast or Vancouver Island, then you’ll be needing the BC Ferry Schedule

Visit future plans and projects for Metro Vancouver

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History of Downtown Vancouver

couresy community webpages

Just over a century ago, Vancouver was a two-block collection of buildings called Granville (now known as Gastown). This location on Burrard Inlet was competing to be the west coast terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway. By 1887, a year after the City of Vancouver was incorporated, the first passenger train arrived at the foot of Howe Street, and future growth was assured. In the next seven years, a building boom began to move the city centre from Water and Cordova Streets up to Georgia and Granville Streets.

 Streetcar service was initiated in 1890, joining the waterfront to Granville, Pender and Cordova Streets. The next period of growth was sparked by the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898. The following decade confirmed Granville Street as the centre of Downtown, and a real estate boom spiraled land costs upwards. By 1912, a core office and shopping area was well developed, flanked by comfortable residential neighbourhoods. The period after World War I saw another economic leap forward and more Downtown development. The 1929 stock market crash halted it all, and began a thirty five year period of very little change in the area. Read more

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Follow the Buzz on Vancouver’s best and worst areas to live

Guest Post by Alexis Bonari

I don’t know about you but I rely heavily on the Internet community when making a decision about relocating.  Unless you have a close friend you can really count on to give you a fair and unbiased impression of the area or family you trust, where can you get the information you need?  For me the answer is Google. Say I was to inquire about Vancouver.  I would type a string into Google that looks something like “what are the worst places to live in Vancouver?”.  Why, you may ask, would I ask for the worst sections?  Naturally to narrow my search options and secondarily to make sure my real estate agent, future landlord or friend is current on the goings on of the neighborhood they are touting.  The last thing I want is to blindly trust a stranger that has their own agenda and needs before mine.  I also feel better about them when they pass simple tests.  Yes, I admit it, I set them up.  “So”, I casually remark .“My friend told me East Vancouver is decent and the prices look good, what do you think of that area?   Pause, two, three.  The correct answer, according to google is “Well, maybe you could find something there but I think you would like it much better…  Read more

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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! and happy 143rd birthday Canada! We hope to see Vancouver in a sea of red!

Jacques Cartied discovered Canada in 1535 but Confederation was formed on July 1, 1867.

Join the Granville Island pancake breakfast and parade at 8am or go to Canada Place for the parade, live concerts and fireworks or dance to the Brazilian music on Robson Street or join the Crabfest at the foot of Main Street.

View the events and here too

Have a special activity you’re going to do that you’d like to share?


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