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Month: August 2011

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Vancouver Now world’s 3rd Most Livable City – Homes for Sale in Vancouver

For the first time in almost a decade, Vancouver isn’t considered the most livable city in the world, according to rankings by The Economist released Tuesday.

The city has slipped to third place, just ahead of Toronto and Calgary.

The annual survey ranks the living conditions of cities around the globe based on stability, health care, culture, education and infrastructure. Read more

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Vancouver wants Old RCMP Site -Vancouver Real Estate news

The city of Vancouver wants first dibs on the expansive old RCMP “E” Division headquarters near Little Mountain when the Mounties move out to Surrey next year.

The 8.5-hectare campus, which includes a heritage academy building and an office complex, is being considered for disposal by the federal government’s real estate arm Public Works Canada.

But Coun. Raymond Louie, the chair of the city’s finance committee, says Ottawa should consider the city’s longterm needs in the Little Mountain area before selling it to a developer. Read more

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Wordless Wednesdays

The West Ends historic Sylvia Hotel on Beach Avenue, Vancouver.

Established in 1912

and overlooking beautiful English Bay, The Sylvia was designed as an apartment building by Mr. W.P. White, a Seattle architect. It was built in 1912 by Booker, Campbell and Whipple Construction Company for a Mr. Goldstein, who had a daughter named Sylvia.

During the Depression

the Sylvia Court Apartments fell on hard times, and in 1936 the building was converted into an apartment hotel. With the advent of World War II, many of the suites were converted to rooms, in order to provide accommodation for the merchant-marine crews. Read more

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BC Commercial lending Indicator Edges Down in 2011

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) Commercial Leading Indicator (CLI) edged down 0.4 points to 108.1 in the second quarter of 2011. After posting a strong performance in 2010, the index has trended lower since the beginning of the year.

The CLI peaked at a level of 115.5 in the second quarter of 2007 before the onset of the financial crisis pushed it to a low of 97.7 in the first half of 2009.

The downward pressure in the CLI over the past two quarters is mostly a product of weak growth in both retail sales and employment. In addition, provincial manufacturing sales have deteriorated alongside the global economy.

“Tepid job creation and deteriorating global economic growth represent significant headwinds for the BC economy and could lead to softer commercial activity in coming quarters,” said Brendon Ogmundson, BCREA Economist. “However, an almost unprecedented decline in long-term interest rates may help to stimulate investment activity and soften the impact of slower economic growth.”

The full BCREA Commercial Leading Indicator index is available at:

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Funny things Vancouver Realtors Say – Vancouver Homes for Sale


Realtor – I need to take the legal update course

Staff – Ok, the next one is being held on ….

Realtor – that doesn’t work for me

Staff – call the Sauder School of Business at UBC and take the class online

Realtor – SSB? Driving to UBC or the REBGV are both a long way from my home

Staff – you don’t have to, it comes to your computer at home

Realtor – the course comes to my computer?

Staff – I’m sorry, I have another call waiting!

DUH! This one got their licence too! Read more

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Featuring Downtown Vancouver’s Beach Crescent Neighbourhood

Vancouver’s Beach Crescent Neighbourhood

in Downtown Vancouver sits on the waterfront of False Creek and is east of Granville Street Bridge, south of Pacific Avenue and west of David Lam Park. The 12 hirises were built by Concorde Pacific from 2005-2010 and are 11 to 47 storey condo buildings with attached townhomes.

They boast concierges and amazing recreational facilities including indoor pools.

View my video at the end of this post Read more

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What will it cost to pay off my mortgage? – Vancouver Homes for Sale

So you’ve decided to sell your vancouver condo and buy another one. When figuring out your closing costs you realize your mortgage term is not yet due and your banks informs you that the lower interest rates will result in a mortgage penalty. How much? you ask

The amount of the penalty depends on your existing mortgage rate and the current rates. When fixed rates go down, your penalties to get out of your current fixed rate GO UP!

Example of a BASIC Interest Rate Differential (IRD) calculation Read more

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How is the Vancouver Real Estate Market?

I’m always asked this question by Vancouver Buyers and Sellers and every month the answer varies! The most recent statistics are analysed by everyone they all come up with different conclusions.

  • Depending on what our need for information is, the outcome varies according to our specific need – if we’re waiting to buy we want to see prices falling.
  • The media are always on the negative  because that negativity sells
  • Realtors tend to be optimistic and see the bright side in the stats.  Buyers and sellers look at it from their own personal viewpoint
  • You are a motivated seller if you need to sell
  • Likewise, you are a motivated buyer if you have cash and when the two meet  a transaction results. Read more

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What is the BC Home Protection Office? – Vancouver Condo Info

The HPO is a provincial Crown Corporation established in 1998 under the authority of the Home Owner Protection Act.

The mandate of the Act

The mandate is to strengthen consumer protection for buyers of new homes, help bring about improvements to the quality of residential construction, and support research and education respecting residential construction in BC Read more

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Mount Pleasant Rezoning faces Opposition – Vancouver Homes for Sale

Another neighbourhood in Vancouver is bracing for its turn to oppose a proposed development before council in the wake of the contentious public hearing on the rezoning of Shannon Mews.

The project in question is located in Mount Pleasant. The development will be built on a trapezoidal block bounded by Kingsway, Broadway, East 10th Avenue, and Watson Street, and will feature a 19-storey tower. In addition to commercial space, Rize Alliance Properties Ltd. wants to build 221 market condo units and 20 rental units. Read more

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B.C.’s Real Estate Market looks good Despite Global Uncertainty – Vancouver Real Estate News

On the day Mark Carney appeared before the finance committee of the House of Commons in Ottawa, Miguel Escueta went about his regular routine in Vancouver.

While the governor of the Bank of Canada talked on Parliament Hill about risks associated with the economic crises in the U.S. and Europe, it was business as usual for Escueta, a realtor of several years.

Global equities and financial markets may be wobbly, but according to Escueta, this is keeping interest rates down in Canada. This can only be good for property buyers out to make a move.

“We feel positive about the real-estate market,” Escueta told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview. Read more

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SOLD! 109-1425 Cypress Street, Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC


Why did my listing sell when there have only been 9 Kits condos to sell in August, rather than the usual 25-40?

109-1425 Cypress Street, Vancouver, BC on Kits Point was a rare find – one of only 3 condo buildings on the Point and this suite had a whopping 530sf wraparound deck. The owner hated to leave this awesome location but got a promotion out of Vancouver.

How long did it take to sell?

  • after 5 weeks at $425,000 and no offers the price was reduced to $409,000
  • an offer very close to list price was received immediately
  • average days on market for kits condos in august – 35
  • list price to sale price ratio this month – 2% Read more

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Funny Things Vancouver Realtors Say – Vancouver Homes for Sale

From REBGV – a little humour!

Vancouver realtors have a lockbox system which operates with a card that looks like a credit card.

Recently a realtor called the REBGV and said they need a lockbox.

The Staff member replied – not a problem, simply drop in to the Board and you can get one.

Realtor – how much will it cost?

Staff – $100 plus tax

Member – how much for the key?

Staff – the card and the card reader are free

Member – but what about the key?

Staff – the card is the key that you’re referring to

Member – the card is the key? what does that men?

Staff – the key that you are asking about is the card I’m referring to Read more

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Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020 Action Plan Updates

Vancouver City Council has now adopted, in principle, the Greenest City 2020 plan, and has directed staff to implement priority action items between now and 2014.

The City will work with developers and energy utilities to establish renewable energy systems for new, large site, high density developments according to the GVHBA.

In addition, City will also work on the following initiatives

  • Incentives and Tools
  • infrastructure
  • Waste
  • Bylaws and Codes

Will Gregor’s Green Plan be more expensive for the consumer?? No mention of costs. Read more

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Vancouver Condo Info – What are Bylaws?

The BC Strata Property Act

includes detailed bylaws that apply to all property and operations of every condominium.The act outlines the duties of owners, tenants, occupants, visitors, the corporation, and the strata council, as well as the procedures at council and general meetings.

In addition, the bylaws allow the strata corporation to penalize owners who violate the bylaws. Bylaws and Read more

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BC Hydro Predicts End to Energy Self-sufficiency – Vancouver Homes

BC Hydro president Dave Cobb has told his staff that he expects Victoria to soon abandon its current energy selfsufficiency policy, a move that would free Hydro from buying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of electricity that it doesn’t need from independent power producers.

Cobb made the prediction on a private conference call with Hydro staff on Aug. 12, one day after a government-appointed panel released a report slamming Hydro for its bloated staff and high wages and calling for Hydro to cut its planned rate increases in half. On the call, Cobb argued that the B.C. Liberal government’s 2007 energy plan, which requires Hydro to have enough energy on hand by 2016 to be self-sufficient, is enormously costly to the utility. Read more

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Vancouver’s Rowing Club as Old as the City Itself and Steeped in History – Homes in Vancouver

Vancouver is bursting at the seams with athletic clubs of all sorts but there is one that stands out for being as old as the city itself: the Vancouver Rowing Club. Its predecessor, the Vancouver Boating Club, was founded only a few months after Vancouver was incorporated on April 6, 1886.

With its stunning vistas of water, Vancouver couldn’t have chosen a more apt group to lay the athletic foundations of the city. The venerable institution is housed in a gracefully charming Tudor-style building that stands guard near the gates to Stanley Park along the seawall. Through a series of major renovations, its old character has been preserved. Read more

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Kitsilano’s Yorkville Condos – Vancouver Condos for Sale

Yorkville North and South in Vancouver’s Kitsilano, at 1888 York, corner of Cypress

Built in the mid ’90s and consisting of a concrete buildings 8 storeys high. Mostly one bedrooms, starting at 580sf and some have extra large patios. All condos have high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows,secured underground parking  and open hallways.

The north facing suites have mountain/city views and the south facing suites overlook a green space.

Superb location – couple of blocks to Kits Beach and Kits Point and the bus to Downtown Vancouver stops a block away. All your restaurants and shops are 3 blocks away on West 4th Avenue

Buying or selling in Kitsilano? Check out my Buyer Services and Unique Selling Proposition

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BC Society sits on $90 million in Unclaimed Cash – Vancouver Real estate News

Alena Levitz’s job is to reconnect people with their money.

As executive director of the BC Unclaimed Property Society, Levitz oversees about $90 million that is looking for a home. It’s accumulated cash that is part of unclaimed estates or has been left in credit union and brokerage accounts. It also includes forgotten real estate deposits, unpaid wages and overpaid debt collections, she said. Read more

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Vancouver Real Estate Market Update for Fairview – July 2011

How’s the market in Vancouver’s waterfront neighbourhood of the Fairview?

Are prices up or down? What’s the average days on market? What’s the average sale price? Are listings rising or falling? Are prices higher than a year ago?

July saw listings flat and sales down by a whopping 40 % compared to June

resulting in a good market for buyers in Vancouver’s Fairview neighbourhood. 50% of the sales were under $500,000 and only two sales over $700,000, thereby favouring lower end sellers. In general, Sellers need to be priced no more than 2% above market value in order to attract an offer.

HPI Price over the last year

increased 5.5%  for Fairview condos

The Stats

  • listings – 145 (unchanged)
  • sales –  22 (down)
  • average days on market for solds – 35 (unchanged)
  • sellers moved  an average of 2% off their list price
  • average sale price  $537,458  (unchanged)
  • average $psf  $570 – down
  • best selling price range  – under $500,000
  • Supply increased to 6.5%  months (30%)

What does it Cost Me to Buy Fairview Estate?

One bedroom condos from $280,000 and 2 bedrooms from $400,000.

Buying or selling Vancouver’s  neighbourhood of Fairview? It’s bordered by Burrard, 2nd Avenue, Cambie and 16th Ave.   I arrive armed with stats and facts, coupled with 30 years of  knowledge from working in Fairvie

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