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Month: November 2011

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Bank of Canada May Lower Rates – Homes for Sale in Vancouver

Well it’s that time again when the Bank of Canada considers doing something with its overnight target rate, the benchmark interest rate that affects interest rates, directly and indirectly, throughout the country.

The Bank’s overnight target rate is currently one per cent, low by historical standards although it has been lower dropping to a record 0.25 per cent in the spring of 2009 and staying at that record low for more than a year. Read more

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Herb Capozzi Dies at 86 – Vancouver Real Estate News

I note with sadness that Herb Capozzi died last Monday at the age of 86.

I became acquainted with Herb during the 1980s when he was in the stock promotion phase of his extremely varied life. I liked to poke fun at his freewheeling life style and crazy stock deals. He liked to poke fun at my negative reportage and what he viewed as a rather Presbyterian personality. It was a very symbiotic relationship.

In November 1989, I wrote a retrospective on his life. A few years later, he retired and returned to his hometown of Kelowna. I saw him only once more, in the summer of 2002, at the funeral of Murray Pezim’s former girlfriend, Tammy Patrick.

Patrick, a former Howe Street broker and strikingly beautiful woman, had died of an overdose of prescription drugs in Capozzi’s kitchen. She was only 40 years old. Herb and his wife, Alexandra, who were trying to help Tammy through these difficult times, were devastated. It was the last time I saw Herb. Read more

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When Will B.C. Become the Next Oil-Shipping Hub? -Real Estate News in Vancouver

Despite all the noise, energy analysts predict the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Alberta will still be built. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be shipping oil from B.C. some day.

There sure is a lot of gas being emanated over oil delivery these days.

Most of this comes about because of the U.S. government’s “shocking” decision to put off approval for the Keystone XL pipeline that would carry Alberta tar sands oil to the U.S. gulf coast where all the refining capacity is. Read more

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Looking for A Vancouver Penthouse?

Vancouver's False Creek North

Penthouses have a cache about them and conjure up dreams of huge sqare footage,  luxury, limousines, spacious patios, wonderful views,high design, champagne and sunken tubs begging for bubbles! Perched on the top floor of a tall building , perhaps with its own elevator.

Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive Vancouver Penthouses to sell this year.

The Most Expensive

  1. The crowing glory was the Shaw Tower Penthouse in Coal Harbour which sold for $10M for 7,473sf.
  2. Followed by 1000 Beach for $7,100,000 for 6,841sf.
  3. The Westbrook at UBC came in third at $4,680,000 for 4,380sf
  4. Bayshore Gardens fetched $4.7M for 3,000sf Read more

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Will UBC’s Density Increase due to new project at Wesbrook Mall – Vancouver Real estate news

When Claire Robson decided to move into Wesbrook Place at UBC’s Point Grey campus a few years ago, it was because she wanted a good balance between urban living and nature.

Billed as a village in the woods, it’s a quiet community next to Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

This way of life that Robson enjoys may be about to change. Early next month, the UBC board of governors is expected to decide on proposed amendments to the neighbourhood plan that would bring more development into the area also known as South Campus.

For residents like Robson, this means high-rises and increased traffic. Read more

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Will Marpole be the next Yaletown? Vancouver Homes for Sale

Vancouver’s Marpole community is an easygoing, unpretentious working class and immigrant community of 23,000 people.

The area is bounded by Angus Street to the west, Ontario Street to the east, and the Fraser River to the south. At 64th Avenue, Marpole’s “downtown” begins, a strip of coffee shops, restaurants, banks, physiotherapists, and clothing stores. Then, as you reach 70th Avenue, you come to Marpole’s “anchor tenant,” a small, older Safeway grocery store and liquor store, sitting back from a mid-sized parking lot. Read more

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Should BC Legalize Marijuana? – Vancouver Homes for Sale

Four former Vancouver mayors say it’s time B.C. politicians led the fight to revise Canada’s marijuana laws.

Mike Harcourt, Philip Owen, Larry Campbell and Sam Sullivan have signed an open letter to every municipal, provincial and federal politician in B.C.

The letter says ending the prohibition on marijuana would help stamp out the gang violence associated with the illegal drug trade.

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How is the Vancouver Real estate Market in the West End?

How’s the market in Vancouver’s waterfront neighbourhood of the West End? Are prices up or down? What’s the average days on market? What’s the average sale price? Are listings rising or falling? Are the prices higher than a year ago?

October saw a decrease  listings and sales

resulting in a well balanced market.  60% of the sales were under $500,000, favouring lower end sellers. In general, Sellers need to be priced no more than 4% above market value in order to attract an offer. Read more

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Vancouver’s Olympics Better for Business than the Environment – Vancouver Real Estate News

How did Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics Effect the Economy?

The province’s economy grew with new businesses, jobs and increased visitor spending in 2010. Much of that is attributed to the Winter Games, which provided at least $50 million in tax revenue to the province, the report said.

Of all the provinces and territories in Canada, British Columbia had the highest total visitor spending for the first quarter of 2010. Read more

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How is the Vancouver Real Estate Market in False Creek?

How’s the real estate market in False Creek and the Olympic Village neighbourhood? Are prices up or down? What’s the average price? What’s the average days on the market? Is this area good value for waterfront property? Listings continue to rise, delivering a strong buyers market. Average lower than a year ago.

Generally developers do not list all their pre-sales on MLS and only some of the Olympic Village condos are listed on MLS, so I cannot keep track of those for you.

The inventory in this neighbourhood is increasing, due to the number of new buildings that are preselling and the olympic village condos. Read more

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Venice Canals in False Creek Flats? – Homes for Sale in Vancouver

Venice-like canals and man-made waterfront property isn’t necessarily a pipe dream, according to a Vancouver councillor.

Coun. Geoff Meggs was struck by both the quantity and the quality of the re:CONNECT submissions and says distinct themes and cohesive visions for the False Creek flats are already developing.

“There are definitely themes that are starting to present themselves, especially with people introducing a lot of water in the False Creek flats,” said Meggs.

Creating a network of waterways on the industrial lands east of False Creek may sound like a crazy idea, but Meggs believes it’s possible.

“If you see what we did with the green space around Olympic Village, which has water flowing in from False Creek, it’s not just feasible but it can be very desirable,” he said.

The public submissions for the flats and Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts — ranging from cosmetic improvements to bold and bizarre re-imaginings of the city — aren’t just there for entertainment.

This is a cool idea! What do you think?

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Big Winds wreaks havoc across Metro Vancouver – Real Estate News in Vancouver

If you didn’t sleep well last night you are not alone.  The windstorm that began around 8 p.m. has done some major damage across Metro Vancouver.

Surrey is one of the hardest hit areas, even the Port Mann Bridge didn’t have lights on for the morning commute.  Meantime, pockets of Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley, Delta, and Chilliwack saw fallen trees and debris all over the road

We’ve had quite a few of these already this winter. Winds over 50km.

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Eight Tips on Avoiding Home Buyers Remorse When Buying a Vancouver Home

Ever Had Buyers Remorse Before Buying your Vancouver Home?

When you decide to buy a new home, you’re forced to step outside your current comfort zone and confront the unknown. Your mind may try to compensate psychologically for feelings of uncertainty by mentally undoing the event.

In other words, you may try to talk yourself out of buying your dream home. Add feelings of uncertainty to the fear of making a long-term commitment, and it’s easy to understand why home buyers can suffer from bouts of anxiety. Read more

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Does Affordable Rental Housing Decrease Vancouver Property Values?


Vancouver residents often believe that new rental housing lowers property values.

The NAR online library has links to more than 20 comprehensive studies and articles, some of which in turn reviewed and analyzed data from other studies.

The geographic areas studied included high-density urban areas, upscale suburbs and rural areas. Typically studies compared the sale prices of nearby homes before, during and after rental housing is built. Read more


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