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Month: September 2012

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Ten Bad Habits of Vancouver Realtors

The business of being a Vancouver realtor has changed a lot in the last decade or two and I’m shocked at the ten bad habits of some realtors . Whether buying or selling a Vancouver property, be sure to hire an experienced and trustworthy Vancouver real estate agent, in order to avoid the pitfalls. Would you want an agent with the following habits working for you?

Five Bad Habits of Vancouver’s Listing Agents

These are some of my experiences when organizing a Vancouver  buyer tour last week. Read more

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Why Are Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Buyers Crawling Back to the Market?

As we know the number of Vancouver real estate sales have been on the decline as buyers sit it out waiting for prices to drop. In the last month I have clients who have been buying below the current market levels, by finding Vancouver sellers who need to sell and negotiating hard. As well, my analysis of September sales shows  more Vancouver luxury condos and houses on the west side have sold in August/September than  since the Feb/March  (Chinese New Year). What do these well-heeled Vancouver buyers know? Is the market levelling? Read more

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Is Canada one of the Seven Best Housing Markets in the World?

There’s a lot of negative murmarations about the Vancouver real estate market of late. Has it levelled or will the Vancouver property prices drop more? If so, how much and when? As a buyer should I be making low ball offers or should I wait until the press report the market has bottomed? When clients ask me about the market, i ask them which neighbourhood are they referring to, what type of property and what price range. Then i deliver hyper-local info, backed by decades of experience. So, is Canada one of the seven best housing markets in the world? Read more

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Who are Tomorrow’s Vancouver Real Estate Buyers?

Who are tomorrow’s vancouver real estate buyers? According to a recent report by CIBC’s Benjamin Tal, Canada’s demographics will beenfit the real estate market. As we all know, about one third of the country are Baby Boomers who will be retiring and cashing out of their homes and their jobs….downsizing to condos perhaps and creating opportunities in the job market for the next generation. Read more

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Kitsilano Sellers Loss Your Gain!

Vancouver’s real estate is experiencing a strong buyers market.

  • This Kitsilano condo is evidence of that
  • First listed at $339,000, this smart studio has had five price drops. Now slashed to $287,000 which is $31,000 below tax assessment
  • Smart and ready to move in this 529sf studio has insuite laundry
  • locker and two parking stalls
  • Perfect for Vancouver  first time home buyer or investor
  • Easy easy rental at $1200 pr month!!
  • OPEN SAT 22nd 1-2pm. 107-2226 W. 12th in desirable Arbutus Walk, Kitsilano


p.s. I am your Kitsilano condo realtor! decades of experience and hyper local info!

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Three Mistakes Vancouver First Time Home Buyers Make

A recent TD Canada Trust poll found first time home buyers regretful of mistakes they made when buying their first home. They listed the top three  mistakes as *be more thorough when budgeting and accounting for all the costs of home ownership *make a bigger down payment *buy a home sooner. Are you surprised by these findings?

Vancouver First Time Home Buyers Checklist

Personally, I’ve always thought that buying a Vancouver  home is a better long term (25 years or more) decision. Forget the flipping, speculating and consignment of pre-sale contracts. This is gambling. Think of a home as a place to live and build equity over the long run. Read more

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What Coal Harbour’s Lifestyle Offers Vancouver Condo Buyers

When you’re trying to decide which Vancouver neighbourhood is the right fit for you, take a look at the neighbourhood’s history and what made it what it is today.  In Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, coal was discovered  in 1862 on the bluff overlooking  the harbour, which is now West Hastings. The discover was  first noted by Captain Vancouver and the Three Greenhorns made a Brickmakers Claim.  Hence the name Coal Harbour. What does coal harbour’s lifestyle offer Vancouver condo buyers?

Did you also know that there was a settlement of Hawaiians around the Bayshore Hotel.  A tiki hut outside the hotel was home to Trader Vic’s, know as Vancouver’s best night out in the 1970s. Read more

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Vancuver’s Downtown Condo Prices Tick up in August

Vancouver’s Downtown condo prices ticked up in August turned up slightly from  $463,000 to $484,400 and is now 0.9% higher than  a year ago and equal to  Nov’11.  Prices peaked at $548,127 in Jan’12.  Downtown listings dipped to 507,  4.7% lower than a year ago. Downtown sales increased to 66, down 4.3% from a year ago.  Days to sell a property sat at 54.  The average $psf  is up to 645. Downtown’s Sales to active ratio increased to 13, indicating the lower end of a balanced market. Market bottomed? Read more

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Vancouver’s Yaletown Condo Prices Rise in August

Yaletown condo prices rose in August and are up 19% year over year (skewed by a sale over $5M) as per REBGV average sale price now at $824,000, having peaked at $978,000 in Jan’11 . Without this sale the average price would be $709,000, up from $690,000 in July.

  • Yaletown listings dropped again to 321 and are 3%  lower than a year ago
  • Yaletown sales dropped to 45, which is 25% lower than a year ago and taking an average of 62 days to sell.
  • Yaletown sellers dropped 7% off list price
  • The average $psf  is flat at 742
  • Sales to active ratio dropped from 17 to 14 , indicating a balanced market
  • Yaletown Sales predicted to pick up this Fall

How Have Yaletown Condos Performed Vs Townhomes?

Average sale price of Yaletown townhomes spiked to$2,088,000 from $748,000 in July (scewed by a sale in the Eriksson over $5M).

Yaletown Condo prices rose from $688,000 to $738,000.

Where’s the Best Value for Yaletown Properties?

Yaletown condos between $600,000 and $900,000 are the best value, down 3.1% over the last year.

Yaletown condos over $899,000 performed the best over the last year.

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I am your Vancouver real estate condo realtor! Decades of experience and hyper-local info!

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What is the Coal Harbour Condo Lifestyle in Vancouver?

August 2012 saw the average sale price for Coal Harbour condos rise to $1,305,000 and is now 11% higher than a year ago.  Coal Harbour Sales in August dropped to 10, down 67% from  a year ago, with two sales over $2M and the remainder under $1M, taking an average of 54 days to sell.  The average price psf increased to $880.  Coal Harbour condo listings dropped to 182, 10% below a year ago. Coal Harbour sellers on average moved 7% off List Price. Coal Harbour sales to active listings dropped to 5, the lowest in the last six years, baring Nov’08.

Coal Harbour Sales Vs A Year Ago

  • 2011 sales 259 vs 152 in ’12
  • average sale price $1,1,95,00 in 2011 vs  1,133,384 this year

What is the Coal Harbour Condo Lifestyle? Read more

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Vancouver’s Kitsilano Real Estate Prices Move Up in August

Vancouver’s Kitsilano real estate prices move up in August, compared to July. The average sale price for Kitsilano townhomes went from $903,143 to $1,013,000 and Kitsilano condos from  $444,732 to $448,000.  Kitsilano house prices up from $1,446,000 to $1,519,000. Kitsilano townhome sales were down 31%  from a year ago and condos dropped 36%.  Kitsilano listings also dropped substantially from a year ago and were lower than July.

How Long to Sell a Listing in Kitsilano?

In August 2012 days on the market for Kitsilano properties was 40, which is 32% longer than a year ago. Average $psf for Kitsilano townhomes is $733 and condos $593, both lower than  a year ago. Sales to listings ratio dropped to 14%, still a balanced market but favouring buyers. Kitsilano Sellers moved an average of 6% off list price.

What’s Selling Best in Kitsilano Condos Over the Last Year?

  • two bedrooms dropped 4%
  • one bedrooms rose 7%
  • $425,000-$600,000 rose 11%

What sold best in Kitsilano townhomes?

  • two bedroom townhomes $595,000-$1.1M rose 20%

P.S. I am your Kitsilano real estate condo realtor!  Decades of experience and hyper-local info! hyper-local info and decades of experience!

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Greater Vancouver Average Home Price Rises in August

Although Greater Vancouver home sales were the second lowest for the month since 1998 and 39% below the 10 year average, listings decreased and Greater Vancouver average home prices rose in August.  Average sale price of $731,000 now equal to May’11. CMHC forecast an increase in Vancouver real estate prices in 2013 and BCREA forecast an increase in sales this Fall.

Which Greater Vancouver Neighbourhoods Increased in August?

Almost all of them! North and West Vancouver, Richmond and Ladner, New Westminster and Burnaby East, Coquitlam, Tsawwassen, Squamish and the Sunshine Coast all saw an uptick in the average sale price.  Although Greater Vancouver listings were 13.8% higher than a year ago, they dropped 2.8% from July. Read more

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Vancouver Home Prices Rise in August

Vancouver home prices rise in August, according to  REBGV average price graph. House prices back to $2,784,682.  Townhomes average sale price up to $982,664,  4% lower than  year ago, and condos increased to $633,569 , up 0.6% from a year ago.  Vancouver real estate market still favours buyers, due to the listings vs sales ratio.

How Are Vancouver Property Sales Compared to a Year Ago?

Vancouver West house sales are down 39% from a year ago, after peaking in February this year.  Vancouver Townhomes sales in August are down 29% from a year ago. Vancouver Condos peaked in Mar’11 and are down 26% from a year ago.Vancouver  Sellers dropped an average of  5% off list price on condos, 7% on townhomes and 10% on houses. Read more

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Four Reasons to be Bullish on Buying Vancouver Real Estate

Vancouver real estate has experienced a slower year in 2012, with a softening of prices but the Vancouver real estate news has been more positive recently, forecasting a rise in sales in 2013 and CHMC forecast a small uptick in Vancouver home prices next year. Ozzie Jurock always says that people go where the jobs grow and people with jobs buy real estate! As for the affordability factor, Tsur Somerville of UBC says we’ve been priced above the affordability factor for over 25 years! So let’s consider four reasons to be bullish on buying Vancouver real estate Read more


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