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Month: February 2013

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Which Vancouver Condo Neighbourhood Offers The Best Value?

Not all Vancouver condo buyers have a specific neighbourhood of interest, some buyers look for the Vancouver neighbourhood that presents the best value. So I thought I’d drill down on the stats to see which Vancouver condo neighbourhood offers the best value, which has the most sales and which price range is selling the best YTD.  Based on average sale price published by REBGV for January 2013.

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Is Vancouver Real Estate Ready to Greet The Donald?

Where there’s smoke there’s fire! Rumour has it that the $500 million shelved Vancouver Ritz Carlton condo/hotel tower opposite Vancouver’s Shangri-la Tower in the 1100 block West Georgia will be a Trump Tower. The Donald’s team was recently is town checking out sites because they thinks Vancouver  has potential, based on the influx of Asian money to the city.

The developer of the site, Holborn, hasn’t confirmed this rumour , saying they haven’t selected a brand for the project yet!  The twisting tower was designed by Vancouver’s iconic architect Arthur Eriksson and it’s rumoured will be about $1600psf. Read more

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Are Female Vancouver Condo Buyers Still Wearing Pink?

The future billionaires of the world will be younger, female and more Asian. Locally, the trend shows more 20-30 something year old women graduating from professional schools and starting their own business, thereby earning higher incomes than their male counterparts. Surveys show an increase in female Vancouver condo buyers but are they still wearing pink? Their criteria have changed what Vancouver real estate developers are building, placing more focus on security and quality appliances. One recent Vancouver pre-sale had over 60% single females who opt for smaller spaces in secure neighbourhoods over bigger condos in non established neighbourhoods. Read more

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Vancouver Real Estate Tips for Baby Boomers

The last couple of years I’ve been contacted by Baby Boomers who are selling their Vancouver houses and downsizing to condos or townhomes. Given that one third of Canada’s population is the Baby Boomer generation, this will significantly impact the Vancouver real estate market, creating supply on one side and demand on the other. So I’m going to do a series on Vancouver real estate tips for Baby Boomers. Read more

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What is the Lifestyle of Vancouver’s Kitsilano Neighbourhood

One of Vancouver’s most sought after waterfront neighbourhoods is Kitsilano (known as Kits) which is a 10 minute drive to Downtown, and  is defined by Kits Beach, Bard on the Beach, the Children’s Fest, Kits Fest , Kitsilano ShowBoat and Greek Festival.  So what is the lifestyle of Vancouver’s Kitsilano Neighbourhood? Watch my video!

What is Kitsilano’s History?

Hard to believe that only 150 years ago you used to be able to put your net in the water along Kits Beach and it’d be full of salmon before you could blink an eye! Read about Kitsilano’s history. During the 1960s Kits was Vancouver’s hippie hangout which defined Kitsilano’s laid back character. The neighbourhood was taken over by the Yuppies in the ’80s and remains popular with the UBC crowd.

What Is Kitsilano Real Estate?

Kits offers a variety of real estate, from lovely older character homes, in particular carriage homes, townhomes , half duplexes and condos which were first built in the 1970s.

What do you like best about the Kitsilano Lifestyle? Please leave a message at the bottom of this page on Facebook, Like Us and Share!

P.S. I am your Kitsilano real estate condo realtor! Hyper local info and decades of experience!

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How Are Real Estate Prices in Vancouver’s Kitsilano?

Vancouver’s waterfront neighbourhood of Kitsilano offers buyers a variety of real estate which includes houses, townhouses , half duplexes, and condos. The extension of the Skytrain to UBC will increase the desirability. How are real estate prices in Vancouver’s Kitsilano? The year started with house and townhome prices ticking up and condo prices turning down. View the graph for average sale prices.

Year Over Year Kitsilano’s Houses and Condos Tied For Best Value

Kitsilano’s houses peaked at $2,829,000 in Jan’12 and the average sale price now sits at $1,699,000. Kitsilano townhome prices turned up in January to $1,179,000, equal to the peak in Jan’10.  Kitsilano condos have dropped from $532,000 in Oct’12 to $390,000.

Which Kitsilano Price Range Has Dropped The Most?

Kitsilano condos under $425,000 have performed the worst in the last year.  Kits townhomes between $600,000 and $1.088.000 performed the worst in 2012.

Kitsilano’s sales to active ratio show townhomes outperforming houses and condos, with a 27% score, vs 13% for condos and 16% for houses. None are in buyers territory, which is below 10%.

How are you finding the real estate market in Kitsilano?  Join the conversation and leave a comment at the bottom of this post on Facebook. Like Us and Share!

P. S. I am your Kitsilano real estate realtor! hyper-local experience!

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Fun Valentines Day Activities in Vancouver

Valentine’s Day offers lots of fun activities for couples, singles and families who live in Vancouver. The various events can be expensive or cheap, traditional or something different. Here’s a few suggestions for you.

Valentine’s Outdoor Activities

Take advantage of the dry weather and go for a walk in Van Dusen Gardens or a well lit neighbourhood park. Or have a free skate Downtown Vancouver at Robson Square. Drop by one of the shops that are participating in the Vancouver Chocolate Festival. Or hang out and people watch in one of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods. Which is your favourite neighbourhood? Take a walk along the seawall by Stanley Park or Canada Place. Spot a celeb in Hollywood North. Tour Vancouver’s Olympic Venues. Read more

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How is the Vancouver Real Estate Market in Coal Harbour?

How is Vancouver’s real estate market in Coal Harbour? The year started with the average sale price continuing its downhill slide, now back to April 2009 levels. Coal Harbour Sales also continued to slide  but listings ticked up slightly.  This luxury Vancouver waterfront neighbourhood saw prices peak in October 2008 and surpass that peak in November 2011. Clearly the luxury Vancouver real estate buyers for this neighbourhood has dried up for the time being. Definitely a strong Coal Harbour market for buyers. Read more

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Which Are Maggie Chandler’s Top Three Vancouver Real Estate Picks?

I thought I’d share with you my top three Vancouver real estate picks that have caught my eye this last month as I’ve been on various real estate tours with my clients. The three properties I selected because they’re an outstanding property or good value .

2302-738 Broughton in Vancouver’s West End

I couldn’t believe my eyes! This unique and spectacular corner condo located in Vancouver’s West End (Alberni Place) has mesmerizing views of Coal Harbour, the mountains and the city. But even more spectacular is that it’s two levels with dramatic soaring ceilings, features floor to ceiling windows, generously sized rooms and a superb floor plan that is open and flows very well.  And if that’s not enough, the condo is elegant, featuring teak floors, a curved staircase, a huge luxury kitchen with an eating area, two bedrooms with a den. It feels like a house and each level has an entrance dorr. And yes, there’s a concierge. Perfect for Baby Boomers trading down from a house.  2500sf well priced at $1,499,000. Read more

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Selling Your West End Leasehold Suite? I have Qualified Buyers!

The buyers are returning to Vancouver’s real estate market and I’m being contacted by investors, local and offshore, who are looking for inexpensive condos to rent out. I was on a buyer tour yesterday with one of these investors and  four of the  suites on my list had accepted offers, including my listing at 1330 Harwood, all in the last week. As well, I have two other buyer clients who are searching for the same types of property. If you’re selling Your West End 99 Leasehold Suite please call me as I have qualified buyers ready to make an offer! Or if you have a Downtown Vancouver condo under $300,000 that’s rentable. Read more

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East Vancouver Real Estate Prices Steady As She Goes

East Vancouver’s real estate average sale price in January fell again and is now equal to Jan’11, according to  REBGV graph.  Average house price sits at $876 000, equal to May’11 and down 3.8% from a year ago. Townhomes sit at $574,000, down 2.6% from a year ago and equal to May’10.  East Vancouver condos  at $353,000  are down 2.8% from a year ago. Vancouver real estate market still favours buyers, due to the listings vs sales ratio which remains at 14%. It peaked in 2006 at 48%! Read more

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Are You Happy or Sad that Vancouver’s Real Estate Prices Are Levelling?

Whether you’re happy or sad that Vancouver’s real estate prices are levelling depends on which side of the fence you’re on! Vancouver first time buyers would love to see lower real estate prices but last time sellers who are cashing out would love to see higher prices! What about those of you who are moving up or moving down , so are buying and selling? It really depends on your Vancouver neighbourhood and the type of property but its hard to win on both ends – sell and buy high or sell and buy low. Contact me for a Vancouver neighbourhood analysis! Read more

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Greater Vancouver Real Estate Sales Drop in January As Prices Rise

Greater Vancouver real estate sales dropped in January but prices rose. Property sales were 18.7% below the 10-year average for the month and the second lowest January since 2001.   Total listings were 5.6% higher than a year ago and 4.5% lower than Dec’12 and the fourth consecutive month they decreased.   Greater Vancouver average sale price rose to $747,960, a 0.9% decrease from a year ago but 10% lower than the peak  in May ’11 at $833,205. Many Vancouver property sellers have opted to remove their homes from the market as they’re unable to achieve the price they want. Still a good buyers market! Read more

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Looking for a Vancouver Real Estate Foreclosure?

As Vancouver real estate buyers return to the market to take advantage of the lower prices, a few of them are asking me to find them a Vancouver real estate foreclosure. So I thought I’d review the process for you. In 2011 about 1% of all real estate sales were foreclosures.  A foreclosure occurs when an owner misses a payment, receives a letter from their bank but is unable to produce the funds. The Bank then files a petition in BC Supreme Court. Read more


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