Lions Gate Bridge Plunged into Darkness for Earth Hour

The Aussies are basking in the success of Earth Hour, which was started in Sydney in 2007.

This year it started in Christchurch, New Zealand on Saturday, to raise awareness that generating electricity from coal and oil that produce greenhouse gases which are contributing to climate change.

The lights shut down over 14 time zones and 25 countries, the last being North America’s west coast. 1000,000 Canadians signed up.

In Vancouver the Science World went dark.

Do you think Canada should go nuclear for its electricity? BC Hydro has announced it will be raising our hydro costs 7% per year going forward, in order to build more infrastructure, rather than buying the shortfall.

What were the Canadian results? 

Want to weigh in? Did you participate? Do you think Earth Hour was    a success? How big will it grow next year and what will be the overall impact on the environment? Will it spin off to other things?