Vancouver Real Estate Average Price Graph

avg price dec 08

The top line shows the average price of houses. The middle line is townhomes and the bottom is condos.

According to the REBGV, sales decreased by 35% in 2008, versus 2007 and prices are down 15.9% for houses and 14.5% for condos and 11.6% for townhomes,  from May 2008.

For Vancouver West Side, house prices are up 64% over the last 5 years. Townhomes are up 68.3% and condos are up 54%.

Best value for a house in Greater Vancouver is Maple Ridge, with a benchmark price of $394,893. The most expensive is West Vancouver at $1,168,852, closely followed by Vancouver West Side at $1,165,007.

Best value for a townhomes is also Maple Ridge at $300,497.Most expensive n’hood is Vancouver West at $609,623.

Best value for a condo is also Maple Ridge with a benchmark price of $220,481. Most expensive is West Vancouver with a benchmark price of $575,736, followed by Vancouver West at $424,509.

Total sales for 2008 vs 2007 – houses 1033 vs 1745. Townhomes 512 vs 814 and condos 2398 vs 5605, as recorded on MLS.

Total listings for 2008 vs 2007 –  houses 3135 vs 2491. Townhomes 1566 vs 1223 and condos 8899 vs 7750, as recorded on MLS.

Total new listingsfor Vancouver West  – December 2008 – 312 vs 417 in December 2007

Total sales for Vancouver West in December 2008 – 219 vs 170 in November (amazing! given the incredible snowfall we had for the last 2 weeks of the month). December 2007 showed 372 sales as per MLS.

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